Gain Visibility and Control over your IT Assets

SanerNow Asset Management

Due to the difficulty in tracking IT assets, organizations often lack a comprehensive view of their software estate. Consequently, security hygiene is compromised because organizations lack visibility into vulnerable and non-compliant assets. Rogue applications, high-risk software such as BitTorrent, outdated hardware or software such as Windows XP, unpatched systems, and unsupported applications pose a threat to the data security of an organization.

Without visibility, tracking and managing IT assets is time consuming and expensive. Many assets may remain unused, and more software licenses than required may be purchased, resulting in higher cost. To secure the organization and optimize IT costs, visibility into all assets that belong to a company, and their status, is important.

SanerNow Asset Management (AM) is a cloud-based solution that helps discover and track every system and application. SanerNow AM helps you justify your IT investments.

With SanerNow AM you gain visibility into IT assets, manage efficiently and control costs.

Key Features and Capabilities

Maximize the value of IT assets

Track software and hardware IT assets, optimize IT costs and reallocate underutilized assets. Reduce downtime of individual assets through intentional evaluation, maintenance and planning.

Increase compliance

Monitor software license compliance and security regulation. Plan your software licensing needs and assist in avoiding fines and penalties that could be incurred during a software audit. Determine which costs are relevant, forecast and manage payment schedules, and increase visibility into the financial impact of assets.

Deliver value by reducing risks and costs

Minimize wasted resources by identifying and removing underutilized assets. Gain visibility and control of IT assets, enforce asset policies and regulatory requirements. Reduce risk by having central access to assets' health and potential failure information. Also cut costs by consolidating information on how the IT budget is invested, how it is performing, and how this relates to current use and future expenditures.


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  • Get complete inventory of Hardware, Software and System
  • Get realtime visibility to all IT components

Audit Compliance

  • Identify and remove under utilized assets
  • Enforce asset policies
  • Gain central access to all assets

Software License Managenet

  • Discover software licenses
  • Identify unused and rarely used applications
  • Manage license costs and identify license violations

Application Whitelisting

  • Whitelist or blacklist applications
  • Identify deviations and remove blacklisted applications


  • Detailed report on IT asset inventory
  • CSV extracts of various inventory parameters
  • Alerts for deviations
  • Scheduled reports