Vulnerability assessment is a crucial process as they scan for potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Anyone who is concerned about their Enterprise Security wouldn’t compromise on not having a cutting-edge vulnerability scanner.

But how amidst so many do we identify the right ones? Here are a few things you might want to consider.

Simplified usage

A lot of modern-day vulnerability scanners talk about the sophistication and features, but when it comes to ease of use and providing an overview on the vulnerability landscape the vital info is often missed, which makes it difficult for IT security Managers to understand the crux of the situation to take necessary action.


Vulnerability scanners on cloud offer automation as a key facet. There is less effort to investigate each vulnerability based on endpoint, rather multiple actions can be timed and automated.

But this also needs some deep analysis of update frequency of the vulnerabilities, bandwidth consumed and other aspects.

Scanning Technologies

This is an overrated and hyped aspect in most of the scanners but again, what one might be looking out at is the frequency with which vulnerabilities can be detected, this depends on the data the scanner might use to detect them in the first place and their accuracy.

The ability to integrate with conventional Microsoft patch management tools etc. could be a plus.

On- Demand solution

The cloud-based vulnerability scanners are far easier compared to their counterparts. They can be as simple as sign up and use. They also aid with remote working and BYOD needs. Most of them are complemented by patch management and remediation actions that can either be automated or alerted with.

This would be ideal for startups to Big enterprises.


Reporting and analysis are a way to look at progress and measure effect usage of tools. Most of the comprehensive solutions on cloud provide a bird’s eye view of the Enterprise security risk posture and guide immediate actions to prevent attacks. Hence a great reporting solution as a part of vulnerability scanner that gives a hindsight is important.


Pricing per tool or as a bundle with complementary tools is the way of the present. If you can get multiple tools you can pay for from the same vendor, it reduces all the hassles.

SanerNow is a cloud solution for Endpoint security offering vulnerability and patch management along with other array of tools to secure your Endpoints.


Documentation and training in the tools shouldn’t be taken lightly as the adaption to a new tool is often difficult for IT security teams and hence this can increase the chances of attack during that time period. Vendor support on all aspects pertaining to the tools could be beneficial.

SanerNow vulnerability scanner provides all the above aspects with array of other tools on its cloud platform.