Cyber security vulnerability assessment and patch management are an essential task for organizations to secure their IT environment.

Organizations perform an audit-based vulnerability assessment exercise, once in a month or a quarter, while newer vulnerabilities are being discovered daily and attacks are occurring at an alarming rate. There is a disconnect between assessment exercise to mitigation of the vulnerability identified. The entire process of vulnerability assessment and patch management takes anywhere between 30 days to 120 days. This is a window of opportunity for attackers to exploit the vulnerability and 90% of the attacks use vulnerabilities to exploit.

How SanerNow Helps

SanerNow helps automate the entire process to a daily routine. It provides continuous visibility to IT assets, performs a continuous vulnerability assessment and helps remediate the vulnerability through an integrated patching capability. IT security operations team can now reduce the cyber-attack surface significantly through SanerNow’s cyber hygiene automation platform.

Let's look at SanerNow's features that help achieve continuous vulnerability assessment and continuous patch management,

  1. Complete and continuous visibility to IT assets. SanerNow provides real-time visibility to all IT assets, software and hardware, rogue and unlicensed applications, asset utilization information.
  2. Continuous risk assessment, a daily 5 min routine that performs vulnerability scanning to identify latest vulnerabilities.
  3. Best vulnerability database: SanerNow's database of vulnerability checks are SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) complaint and SecPod is the only vendor to update these daily.
  4. SanerNow helps categorize vulnerabilities based on their severity into high-critical, critical etc. It also identifies and maps vulnerabilities that are being exploited by certain malware. These vulnerabilities are assigned highest priority to roll out remedy quickly. SanerNow provides a search console for enterprise IT environment to quickly know if a particular vulnerability can be exploited.
  5. SanerNow performs configuration assessment to identify default configurations and mis-configurations from its vast database of configuration checks for multiple operating systems. These configuration deviations, if left open, could be used to exploit or used to spread the attack from one system to another. For example, SMB v1 was widely exploited in the recent attacks. SanerNow identifies all systems that have SMB v1 enabled and helps disable it.
  6. SanerNow helps remediate every vulnerability it identifies through an integrated patch management console. These patches can be rapidly rolled out on all affected systems to prevent attacks.
  7. Automated rollout of patches through rules configured to apply patches based on discovery of newer critical vulnerability.
  8. Centralized and unified patching to support heterogeneous environment covering Windows and all Microsoft products, Linux and Mac OS X in addition to 100s of third-party application patching.
  9. SanerNow is cloud based and supports devices irrespective of their location.
  10. Generate patch and regulatory compliance reports to know if systems are fully adhering to organization's cyber security guidelines and policies. The difference being continuous compliance.