Un-patched Endpoints are a major cause of security attacks and are a serious challenge before IT security teams. Let us understand on the impact of new age patch solutions and how they could address the situation.

Top 5 Reasons

Traditional Patch Management

The melancholy associated with conventional patch management tools may make it seem complex and a tedious process. But with the advent of new age threats we require agile and advanced solutions that can automate the patch management to a daily routine.

Remote Work spaces and BYOD

With BYOD and remote workspaces and connected devices. It becomes extremely crucial that one keeps Patch Management as their top priority for the Enterprise security and reputation.

It was a cumbersome process to get multiple tools integrated and handling multiple vendors and deal with patch management needs.

Simplification with Cloud Patch Management

With cloud and disruption of cloud services offered on AWS, Google Cloud etc. there is a slow but a definite shift of mindset from conventional patch management tools to Patch management on cloud which offer ease of deployment with quick sign up and integration capabilities.

Third party Patch Management

We see niche of vendors who automate the entire process with patch management as a service. It also becomes easy for the creators of these tools to release updates and ramp up the whole process of 3rd party patches with centralised cloud data centres which also cater to the Enterprises remote working needs.

Hence the rest can be assured in terms of all patch management necessities and any dilly dallying could be avoided with cloud-based patch management

Patch Management as a Service

With on demand options and PAYG it becomes easy to save on unnecessary costs and to opt in for additional tools that might complement patch management to regulate enterprise security.


Endpoint security solutions from SanerNow offer automated patch management capabilities. You can choose to pay based on usage and use  array  of other tools that keep your Enterprise secure.

Summary of reasons to choose Cloud based Patch Management

1.       Easy to receive and deploy patches

2.       Less dependency on service providers, more control to act swiftly

3.       Availability of other tools that complement patch management

4.       Third party patch management and integration

5.       Accommodate shifts like BYOD and remote working, keeping enterprises secure

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