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SanerNow Endpoint Management

Most companies rely on employees and IT consultants to manage their infrastructure. Without the resources and scale of a large IT department, it can be a struggle just dealing with routine user problems, let alone proactively defending the company against security threats.

Businesses need to take an innovative approach to ensure they stay protected, to look after remote users, to keep costs down, and to reduce administration overhead.

SanerNow Endpoint Management (EM) is a cloud-delivered service that allows complete control over all your endpoint systems. It provides visibility into the status of endpoints and contains hundreds of built-in checks. SanerNow Endpoint Management provides necessary features for managing and controlling endpoints.

With SanerNow EM you can gain control over your endpoints, identify problems and fix them.

Key Features and Capabilities

Comprehensive Endpoint visibility

Make right decisions knowing the current state of endpoints. Gain total visibility into all managed endpoints. Use common functions to administrate endpoints and receive canned reports for updates, insight and information that promotes timely action.

Increase productivity and save costs

Discover problems early and act to resolve them. Improve employee productivity by keeping device downtime low. Identify issues before they become major problems. Manage remotely and decrease site visits.

Increase security and reduce risks

Reduce risks through endpoint compliance and automated software patching.


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Visibility to Hardware, Operating System and Software

  • Get complete inventory of Hardware, Software and System
  • Get realtime visibility to all IT components
  • Get network segments view
  • Monitor health of Endpoint Protection Software
  • Monitor system health
  • 200+ built-in queries to get instant state

Continuous Monitoring

  • Monitor all hardware and software components through query
  • Get continuous visibility to all endpoints
  • Be alerted based on a criteria

Debug and Resolve Issues

  • Identify problems and resolve through 100+ available actions
  • Create Action rules based on possible aberrations
  • Get cross-platform visibility and control

Software Deployment and Provisioning

  • Deploy third-party applications and Operating System service packs
  • Uninstall unused or undesirable applications
  • Schedulle deployments for convenience


  • Detailed report on IT endpoints
  • CSV extracts of various inventory and health checkparameters
  • Alerts for aberrations
  • Scheduled reports