Get Visibility to IT Assets.
Automate any IT Process.

IT Asset Visibility and Endpoint Management

Automate your routine tasks like installing patches, software distribution, managing IT Assets, managing software licenses, monitoring software usage, managing applications and device access, and more. SanerNow supports managing Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

  • Get a holistic view of endpoints
  • Automate any IT task
  • Manage all endpoints through a centralized console
  • Resolve issues and minimize downtime

SanerNow Tools

Asset Management

SanerNow AM helps you gain visibility, compliance, and control of your IT assets to reveal the true value they deliver. Discover all the assets in your network, manage and monitor software and hardware assets. Make informed decisions about hardware and software purchases throughout the entire IT Life Cycle. Automates processes and a comprehensive set of capabilities that enable you to discover, configure, manage, and secure all your IT endpoints. Be able to help us better plan and find the optimum balance between maintenance and operations. This helps to increase the uptime of assets and reduce inventory costs to increase profits.

Endpoint Management

SanerNow automates endpoint management routines like installing patches, discovering and managing IT Assets, managing software licenses, monitoring software usage statistics, managing USB device usage, taking control of remote desktops, and more. SanerNow EM empowers faster incident response and proactively prevents attacks from spreading by allowing security teams to contain endpoints on a network, blacklist malicious files, and block or quarantine them across all endpoints. SanerNow discovers, manages, deploys, updates, and troubleshoots endpoint devices within an organization. It provides complete visibility into the status of the endpoint systems and equips you with hundreds of built-in checks. SanerNow identifies deviations in services, protocols and daemons and ensures compliance by blocking or allowing services, setting network rules, setting password policy, starting, stopping or blocking processes, and enabling or blocking hardware on devices. It checks the status or health of endpoint protection software such as installed antivirus programs. SanerNow blocks unwanted programs or applications and installs or uninstalls software remotely.