Protect your Network with Automated Patch Management

SanerNow Patch Management

Diligent patching of applications is the cornerstone of a secure enterprise. But patching is time consuming, tedious, and sometimes needs testing in the environment so that it does not break the infrastructure it is meant to safeguard. Often, this means patching does not take place efficiently and quickly, leaving the enterprise wide open to attacks through vulnerabilities.

SanerNow Patch Management (PM) is a cloud-delivered service that identifies and automatically rolls out patches according to rules and jobs defined by the user. If necessary, it automatically reboots systems after applying patches and can roll back installed patches. SanerNow's patch management process is timely, responsive and systematically managed.

Gain visibility into security and non-security patches.

With SanerNow PM you can roll out operating system and third-party application patches across all platforms.

Key Features and Capabilities

Centralized and automated patch management

Automate patch deployment and distribution based on specific IT needs. Identify and roll out patches automatically according to rules and jobs; roll back installed patches that have flaws or that did not work in your environment, and reboot systems automatically after applying patches.

Patch compliance

Deploys patches to all managed endpoints to ensure organization compliance. Detect and fix configuration deviations such as password polices and encryption strength to stay compliant.

Vast patch coverage

Automatically keep all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X up-to-date. Keep desktops, laptops, servers, and VMs patched and secure with the latest patches for third-party applications.

Comprehensive audit trails

Comprehensive logging to help system administrators track the status of software fixes and patches on individual systems. Get comprehensive reports that show patches applied and risks mitigated.


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Risk based patching

  • Detailed vulnerability view
  • Prioritize patching based on criticality
  • Fix OS configuration issues
  • Map vulnerability to patching exercise
  • Patching impact analysis

Cross-platform support

  • Coverage of all supported Microsoft platforms
  • Apple Mac OS X
  • Major Linux distrubutions
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux
    • CentOS
    • Fedora
    • Oracle Linux
    • Amazon Linux
    • Ubuntu
    • Debian

Vast third-party applications

  • Manage vast vendor product patching,
    • Adobe
    • Google
    • Oracle
    • Apple
    • Mozilla
    • Vmware
    • ...


  • Create rules to automatically patch
  • Crete tasks and schedule

Patch compliance

  • Automate patching to a daily routine
  • Achieve 100% patch compliance
  • Apply configuration fixes to stay compliant

Deployment flexibility

  • Schedule patching for convenience
  • Rollback selective patches
  • Devise effective patch management schedule


  • Risk based reports
  • Patching impact analysis
  • Historical tracking of patching exercise
  • Drill down to Groups and Devices