Know your organization's risk posture in less than 5 minutes.

SanerNow Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management products are highly complex to use, consume a lot of network bandwidth, and hog system resources. They do not always fix the problem. This makes organizations reluctant to run daily vulnerability scans. Instead, scans are run weekly, monthly or quarterly. And even after a scan, tools aren't available to easily fix vulnerabilities.

SanerNow Vulnerability Management (VM) is a cloud-delivered service that performs an automated daily vulnerability scan. Organizations can discover their threat and vulnerability risk in less than five minutes. SanerNow VM provides continuous visibility into IT systems. Its time-tested SCAP Feed database delivers comprehensive vulnerability coverage.

Gain real-time visibility into endpoint security posture.

With SanerNow VM vulnerability management is a simple daily routine.

Key Features and Capabilities

Continuous risk assessment

Secure devices without the grief of downtime or impact on network or system resources. SanerNow automatically runs vulnerability scans throughout the network, in the background at a scheduled time every day. SanerNow presents a bird's-eye view of your organization's security risk posture in five minutes or less.

Prevent malware attacks

Prevent malware attacks at the endpoint level. SanerNow follows the more effective route of prevention by quickly securing the entrances for potential security attacks and cybercrime, namely vulnerabilities in software and unidentified or missing patches in applications and hardware, especially those that are aging or have no vendor support. Our vulnerability database is the largest, and we work at keeping it that way so that SanerNow can detect and mitigate vulnerabilities in endpoints, identify missing patches for software and hardware, and secure applications or devices by applying the required patches automatically.

Gain real-time visibility into endpoint security posture

SanerNow VM generates data on vulnerabilities in hosts and assets, compliance metrics to security benchmarks, and much more. Information Security teams can gain insight into the security posture and align the enterprise with the organization's security policies.

Fix vulnerabilities

Comprehensive vulnerability management is simplified to a daily routine. Search for 'heartbleed', and get the list of all endpoints affected by this vulnerability in less than a second. Create a remediation job to roll out the patch with immediate effect.

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Asset Discovery

  • Identify devices, OS, ports, services etc.
  • Group devices based on tags and functional organization structure
  • Schedule scans by devices, groups

Vulnerability Scanning

  • Daily vulnerabillity scan
  • Supported OS: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Scans in under 5 minutes
  • Large database of SCAP checks

Contextualization and Prioritization

  • Vulnerability classification
  • Risk prioritization
  • Identify exploits that could potential use vulnerability
  • Identify top devices, assets and OS
  • Vulnerability aging data

Vulnerability Remediation

  • Identify critical patches to rollout
  • Vulnerability mitigation indices
  • Detailed patch information


  • Detailed report
  • Simple CSV extracts of various vulnerability information
  • Alerts for critical vulnerability
  • Schedule reports